Our yardage books

Our yardage book set consists of 3 blank yardage books – brown, blue and green.

Each of them has 44 pages… Enough to draw all the holes and greens, make notes, write down your club distances and keeping scores in 2 extra scorecards (detachable!)

Why would you need one?

Simply: to plan your way around the golf course.

Whether you need to check yardages, bunker positions, green shape and size or make special notes, our yardage books are perfect for you.

If you are a competitive golfer, you should use a a tool to avoid dangers during your round. Using a phone app or golf watch sometimes is not enough (and forbidden during serious tournaments).

Sometimes just mapping a hole in a yardage book gives you a new perspective!

Playing it safe or going for it?

You decide…in advance!!

What's inside?

Every hole has its place in the book!

1 page for fairway mapping

1 page for green, notes and club selection

A table to never forget your distances with each club

There are 2 scorecards at the end of each book. These are detachable, so you can simply take them out after a round.

Risk on / risk off

Plan your round ahead. Make notes.

Choose a club for a safe or risky game.

Handy stencil

Every yardage book comes with a stencil.

Use it to draw arcs* and straight lines.

* To draw an arc, put one pencil in the first hole and hold it steady. Use another pencil in hole of your choice and move left and right to achieve a lovely shaped arc.



We also make golf scorecard books, just in case you run out of the scorecards in your yardage book.

You can use them separately to keep your scores in a safe place.

There are 2 books in a set. 18 scorecards each.