Hole 6, Modry LaS

We are going to draw a hole no. 6 of Modly Las Golf Course. Check the course here: Modry Las
On the left you can see the hole, Par 4, 430 yards. I always open it with a Driver. The first hazard (bunker on the left) is at 205 yards, the second one is 248 yards away. I decided to draw only the second part of the hole, starting near my theoretical landing spot (somewhere between bunkers)
To view/draw/measure the hole I am using a Google Earth Pro, you can find it HERE
  1. I mark all the characteristic points: centres of the bunkers, trees, front of the green, center of the green.
  2. I measure the distance (yellow line) of the part of the hole I am about to draw. This time it is 275 yards.
  3. Every page of the yardage book has a dot grid. 30 dots (length) by 18 dots (width). This time it was easy to decide, that distance between dots would translate to 10 yards. Therefore the drawing should almost fit the page, taking space close to 28 dots in length.
I would do similar calculation for every other hole. Let’s say the length is 435 yards. If I use 29 dots, distance between them would translate to 15 yards. 505 yards – 25 dots – 20,2 yards (so basically 20 yards) 482 yards – 23 dots – 21 yards 337 yards – 24 dots – 14,04 yards (14 yards) 184 yards – 26 dots – 7,08 yards (so it’s 7 yards) You will find similar values for any distance.
First and most important step is to find 2 starting points. I prefer to have them as far from each other as possible. I chose bunker no.1 and a center of the green. As you can see I placed a dot at the bottom, and decided that center of the green will be in line above the bunker. I could place it a bit to the right or left. It would simply change the orientation of the hole on the page of the yardage book.. For me the distance is 212 yards (so I placed a dot just above 21 mark). From now on, we will use the stencil to draw some arcs…
Distances I use in the first step: bunker 1 – bunker 2 is 56 yards bunker 2 – green center 188 yards I measure those distances and get the arcs cross one another. To get the 56 yards measurement right (1 unit = 10 yards) I placed the starting point of the stencil just a tiny bit behind the bunker 1 dot and placed the pencil in stencils phole no. 6. To get 188y measurement I simply used 19th stencil hole.
Since I already have 2 bunkers positions I used them to draw 3 more points: bunker no. 3, tree, front of the green. The distances are as follows: bunker 1 – bunker 3 is 42 yards away bunker 1 – tree – 173 yards bunker 1 – front of the green – 192 yards bunker 2 – bunker 3 – 56 yards bunker 2 – tree – 144 yards bunker 2 – front of the green – 188 yards I remove the arcs and leave just the dots, so I can draw over them. I also decided to measure the distance from bunker no. 2 to the point of the road in the narrow point of fairway – the distance is just above 100 yards.
After that all it takes is to start sketching the rest of the hole and making some notes. Remember, you got the yardages right, so your drawing doesn’t have to be perfect. If you take a look at the picture you will notice the curvature of the road is bit different in reality. Shape of the green is not very important here, you can always picture it on the “green and notes” page in your yardage book.
Add colours and mark your aiming line if you want. I added a point (x) – my theoretical landing spot between the fronts of the first two bunkers. I will use it to write down the distance left to the tree and front of the green.
120x – this is the distance from point (x) to that narrow part of the fairway. 180x – from (x) to front of the green Those distances are measured with +- 5 yards distance. I wish I had similar precision with my irons. Those arrows on the right are used for reference how far the distance between different dots on the page translates to the real life distance on that patricular hole. GOOD LUCK!!